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Install and uninstall programs from your Ubuntu system


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Ubuntu Software Center is a free application created by Canonical that allows you to manage all of the programs installed on your system and to install new ones.

The function of USC is based mostly on its search engine. Both for installing new programs and uninstalling others, the fastest way to do it is write its name or some of its qualities in the search window.

Another option is to navigate through the categories and the very long program lists, although it's not nearly as comfortable as doing a search.

When you double click on a program you can see a brief description of it, information about the license and the version and, if available, some screen shots of the program in action. You will also find the corresponding controls for installing or uninstalling the program, according to procedure.

When you add more than one program to be installed or uninstalled, you can see the progress of both processes on the list, from where you can also cancel both processes.

This way, Ubuntu Software Center becomes an ideal application for those who are starting out with Ubuntu.
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